NEW KODAK 16mm Film Leader - White Acetate

NEW KODAK 16mm Film Leader - White Acetate

from 195.00

*New KODAK 16mm white acetate film leader made from clear KODAK acetate film base with white opaque coating. Color differs from front to back of film. Cement splicing requires emulsion to be scraped from film. All new KODAK film leader from any dealer comes on a hollow cardboard tube core and will not mount on a standard rewinder. All new KODAK Super 16mm film leader comes “B Wind” from the factory, regardless of where purchased.

KODAK no longer makes a white acetate film leader with color impregnated into the base material.

These film products may also be referred to as acetate leader, film start leader, tail leader, leader tape, 16mm spacing, 16mm spacer, head leader, grey film, white film, threading film, bande amorce, filmvorspann, and editorial leader.

Suitable for 16mm projector, 16mm film to dvd / 16mm film to digital transfer / 16mm conversion, and Telecine.

Best For: Projection / Film Editorial / Tape Splice Application (Not Cement Splice)

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