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Professional Grade Film Leader, Film Splicing Tape, Film Per-Fix Repair Tape in 35mm, 16mm, 8mm, and Super 8mm formats at WHOLESALE PRICES.

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Film Leader / Splicing Tape / and More



FEATURED film supplies

8mm - Super 8 - 16mm - 35mm - 70mm


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Hollywood Film Supplies continues to provide a variety of professional grade motion picture film supplies and services to major film studios, independent film makers, motion picture laboratories, movie theaters, microfilm libraries, and film archival facilities worldwide.  

Our high quality line of editorial film leader, laboratory film leader, and film archive leader, as well as our unparalleled line of film splicing tape and film repair tape, assures that even the student, or independent film maker now has access to professional industry proven products. 

We also supply custom products upon request. Whatever your film making challenge, we will do our best to find you a solution.



California - USA





Filmarchiv Austria is grateful that Hollywood Film Supplies is here to support our film archival projects with quality materials, which has become very rare nowadays!
— Nikolaus Wostry, Chief Curator - Filmarchiv Austria, Vienna