16mm Film Leader - 7mil Polyester - *Processing Lab Leader*

16mm Film Leader - 7mil Polyester - *Processing Lab Leader*


Professional grade 16mm lab processing machine leader. Polyester blue film leader in .007 inch ( 7 mil / 177.8μm ) thickness and 1000 foot rolls (304.8m spools).

This film product is available in 2 colors and Single Perf, Double Perf, and Non-Perf variants. Blue option is transparent with a light blue hue. White is not transparent.

These film products may also be referred to as polyester leader, machine leader, lab leader, processing leader, 7mil leader, film start leader, tail leader, leader tape, 16mm spacing, 16mm spacer, head leader, white film, white leader, blue leader, blue film, colored film leader, threading film, bande amorce, filmvorspann, animation leader, and editorial leader.

Polyester film leader may also be generally referred to as Mylar, PET, or Kodak ESTAR.

Best For: Laboratory - Processing - Machine Leader / Film Preservation - Archival  / Editorial

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