35mm Perf-Fix Film Perforation Repair Tape - *PERF-FIX TAPE*

35mm Perf-Fix Film Perforation Repair Tape - *PERF-FIX TAPE*


Professional grade 35mm film perforation repair tape, available in A or B wind and clear and white color options. Repairs broken film sprocket holes (perforations) at film edge.

Note: A film is printed emulsion against emulsion, and because of this a print made from the original is called an A-Wind. The original from the camera is known as a B-Wind. When looking at a piece of A-Wind, the image will read correctly, as opposed to the B-Wind side that will read backwards.  Camera negative is B-wind. Prints are A-wind. In the lab processing, An internegative from a reversal original is A-wind, while an internegative from a negative original will be B-wind since it's printed from an A-wind internegative. 

May also be referred to as Perfix, Perffix, Perf-Fix, Perf Fix, Cinebug, Perforex, Perforations-ReparaturklebebandCinecare, or Edge Repair Tape.

A wind is made to be used with Perf-Fix machine.
B wind is made to be used with Cinebug.

May be applied manually with extreme care using a splicing block. Perf-Fix or Cinebug machine compatible.

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