35mm Perforated Clear 3M Splicing Tape - 853 - *SOLVENT RESISTANT*

35mm Perforated Clear 3M Splicing Tape - 853 - *SOLVENT RESISTANT*


Genuine 3M 853 double perforated clear 35mm film splicing tape. This is a special purpose, chemically resistant film tape suitable for splicing or edge repair.

3M Polyester Film Tape 853 is comprised of strong, thin polyester backing. It features a high shear strength acrylic adhesive that is solvent resistant and produces a reliable bond to a wide variety of substrates. This tape is ideal for applications where climate and temperature variations or solvent exposure is a concern. 

Product may also be generally referred to as Film Editing Tape, Film Splicing Foil, Filmklebeband, Filmklebefolie, Splicing Tape, Klebefilm, Crystal Clear Editing Tape. 

Suitable for Lipsner-Smith film cleaners or other solvent related cleaning.

Laboratory - Processing Film Splicing / Applications Requiring Solvent Resistance

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