35mm Microfilm Leader - *POLYESTER MICROFILM*

35mm Microfilm Leader - *POLYESTER MICROFILM*

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Professional grade Polyester non-perforated 35mm Microfilm leader in 1000 foot rolls (304.8m spools).

These microfilm supplies are available as opaque white microfilm leader, hazy white microfilm leader, clear microfilm leader, and hazy clear microfilm leader.

Microfilm leader may also be referred to as polyester leader, film start leader, tail leader, leader tape, 16mm microfilm spacing, 16mm microfilm spacer, head leader, clear microfilm, clear leader, white microfilm, color microfilm leader, mylar microfilm, threading microfilm, bande amorce, filmvorspann, and mikrofilm.

Suitable for microfilm preservation, microfilm archiving, microfilm processing.

Best For: Microfilm Processing / Microfilm Preservation

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