35mm Perforated Splicing Tape - 305 Clear - *ORIGINAL ADHESION*

35mm Perforated Splicing Tape - 305 Clear - *ORIGINAL ADHESION*


*PLEASE NOTE: For a newer version of this product with improved adhesion, please select 405 splicing tape on our Shop page.*

Professional grade 35mm double perforated, clear, medium adhesion, splicing tape.  This film editorial product is a on a plastic core, which is far superior to other tapes on cardboard cores.

Product may also be generally referred to as Film Editing Tape, Film Splicing Foil, Filmklebeband, Filmklebefolie, Splicing Tape, Klebefilm, Crystal Clear Editing Tape.

Suitable with Rivas splicers, Moviola Magnasync, Hollywood Film splicers, Ediquip splicers, and other film editing equipment compatible with double perforated film splicing tape.

Picture Editing

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