8mm Film Leader - Plastic

8mm Film Leader - Plastic

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High quality Plastic 8mm film leader available in 6 colors and 5 spool / core lengths. Clear film leader option is suitable for film student animation.

These film products may also be referred to as plastic leader, pvc leader, Normal 8, N8mm, N8, Standard 8, Regular 8, Double 8, film start leader, tail leader, leader tape, spacing, head leader, clear film, clear leader, red film, black film, green film, white film, cream film, colored film leader, threading film, bande amorce, filmvorspann, animation leader, and editorial leader.

Suitable for 8mm projector, 8mm film to dvd / 8mm film to digital transfer / 8mm conversion.

Best For: Projection / Student - Animation (clear leader option)

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